King Gates Modus 280

(Code: Modus 280)
From £ 700.00

Modus 280 Kits
 Model  Leafs  Control Unit  Viky30 Stylo4K   Capacity  Price 
MODUSKIT280LT 2  StarG824  1  2  600KG/5.6M  £950.00
MODUSKIT280LT S 1  StarG824  1  2  300KG/2.8M  £700.00

Automation for swing gates 2.8 m - 300 kg per leaf

The Modus 280 is a stylish and durable product that is the mid-range unit of a great range of articulated arms, designed for easy installation. It has a cast aluminium base and arm, and has a capacity of 300kg and 2.8 metres per leaf. It comes with built-in limit stops.

The Modus 280 range is ideal for mounting on the back of brick piers when the gates are side mounted.

The enclosed StarG824 control unit complements the Modus 280 automation and radically simplifies the installerís work and guarantees top performance.

The Modus 280 range offer some fantastic functions such as multiple safety inputs, obstacle detection, slowdown in opening and closing, programmable lock and warning light output, plus the facility for battery backup. It also comes with a manual release to open the gate by hand in the event of a power failure.

The Modus 280 range is also compatible with the KingKonnect and Clavis.

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