GSM Gate Opener with Smart Phone App

(Code: VME +)
From 120.00

The GSM Gate Opener is compatible with any new or existing gate automation systems. You can download the gate opener app to your smart phone which adds an icon that when pressed will open the gate, or a simple telephone call (or text message) will have the same affect, and that call is completely free of charge. Any call from an authorised user's number is automatically recognised by the GSM Gate Opener and triggers your gates to open. The GSM Gate Opener requires 12 volts DC power and comes in a plastic housing. The unit takes up to 512 user phone numbers.

All pay as you go Sim cards will be disconnected after 3 months if there is no outgoing communication, however  the GSM Opener will send a text message every 28 days to make sure the Sim stays active. The text message will be charged at your standard network rate normally around 10p, this means if you apply £10 of credit to the Sim card it should last approximately 7 and half years


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